Mifegymiso: Our Asks

To support the most effective roll-out and increased access to abortion in Canada, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights demands that:

  1. All Provincial and Territorial governments ensure universal cost coverage of Mifegymiso to avoid two-tiered access to medical abortion. This entails taking the necessary administrative steps to support new prescribers seeing patients for medical abortion.
  2. The relevant ministries and programs covering federal patients ( Eligible First Nations people living on reserves, Inuit, serving members of the Canadian Forces, eligible veterans, inmates in federal penitentiaries and some groups of refugee claimants) facilitate people’s access to a comprehensive package of reproductive health services, including medical abortion. This means ensuring cost coverage for Mifegymiso as well as supporting health care providers’ participation in all relevant programs and addressing issues jeopardizing people's access to healthcare.
  3. Provincial and Territorial governments ensure special coverage for those who do not have provincial/territorial health insurance.
  4. Health Canada extend gestational limits up to 10 weeks.
  5. Health Canada clearly remove the mandated SOGC training and registration requirement for physicians, allowing them to use their clinical judgment and information available to them to integrate Mifegymiso into their practices. This would address the issue of physicians being required to demonstrate to pharmacists that they are certified prescribers for the prescription to be filled. [ACHIEVED]
  6. Pharmacists not be required to complete the SOGC training to order, stock or dispense Mifegymiso. [ACHIEVED]
  7. Health Canada allow pharmacists to dispense directly to patients, in line with the precedent set by Ontario and British Columbia. [ACHIEVED]
  8. Health Canada further clarify its position on where Mifegymiso can be ingested to clearly put the decision in the hands of patients. 
  9. Health Canada remove the mandatory ultrasound requirement in line with the SOGC clinical practice guidance Access to and wait times for ultrasounds in many locations can create a major barrier to accessing medical abortion.
  10. Health Canada change the language of Mifegymiso's approval from 'physicians' to 'prescribers' as well as examine ways to ensure appropriate task-shifting in the provision of medication abortion to allow and train other health professionals (such as nurse practitioners and midwives) to provide these services.