Photo credit Ferran Jordà

Mifegymiso at a glance

  1. Current restrictions won’t address existing challenges regarding access to abortion in Canada.  
  2. Provincial and Territorial governments must establish programs to ensure cost coverage of Mifegymiso in their insurance plans, with special coverage for those who do not have provincial/territorial health insurance. 
  3. The federal government could establish a program to cover all costs associated with Mifegymiso. This program could form the basis for a future national pharmacare strategy.
  4. Current restrictions must be revised, so as to: 
  • Extend gestational limits up to 10 weeks.
  • Remove physician-only dispensing requirements and examine ways to ensure appropriate task-shifting in the provision of medication abortion allowing and training other health professionals (such as nurse practitioners and midwives) to provide these services.
  • Remove mandatory ultrasound requirement. 
  • Remove physician supervision of patient administration requirement. 
  • Create a national, publically available registry of healthcare providers who are trained to prescribe Mifegymiso so those seeking the services, or those seeking to refer patients, know who is trained to prescribe the drug.