High Out of Pocket Cost

Provinces and territories have yet to agree to cover the cost of Mifegymiso either in the formulary or through full cost coverage. At $300/regimen, this makes it unaffordable for those with limited access to resources. Currently, Mifegymiso is under review by CADTH to determine whether it will be listed on provincial and territorial formularies. Even if covered via provincial and territorial formularies, many people in Canada will still have to pay out-of-pocket for the drug. Approximately 1/3 of people in Canada are not covered by provincial/territorial health plans (social assistance) or private insurance. Meaning that 1/3 of people living in Canada have no drug coverage at all. In addition, not all private insurance plans will necessarily include overage for Mifegymiso. All this despite the fact that Mifegymiso is 3-4 times less than costs associated with surgical abortion – saving significant amounts of money for health care systems, especially when evidence shows that medical abortion is preferred to surgical 50% of the time.