Mandatory Training and Registration

Pharmacists and Physicians who are not currently abortion providers who wish to prescribe and/or dispense Mifegymiso have been required to take a 6-hour training (3 hours for physicians who are currently providers). No other similar drug requires this amount of training. Since physicians might be prevented from stocking the drug or without the required infrastructure to stock Mifegymiso themselves, it was of great concern that this requirement made it harder for pharmacists and pharmacy chains to stock Mifegymiso which limits the availability of the drug for prescribers.

Following that training, prescribers and pharmacies are added to a confidential directory of registered prescribers and dispensers. This confidential directory can undermine effective referrals as prescribers may be unable to find a dispensing pharmacy in their region, as well as it creates a situation where pharmacists need to verify that physicians are registered to prescribe Mifegymiso.

To remedy this gap in information, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights hosts a public directory of providers that have consented to have their information made public to assist both prescribers and the public to have access to Mifegymiso. It is being continually updated as more providers consent to have their information posted on the directory.

As of May 2017, Health Canada no longer requires pharmacists to complete the previously mandatory training program. In an announcement made on May 18th, Health Canada confirmed the removal of that restriction. The announcement also alludes to Health Canada easing the requirement for physicians to complete the mandatory training program in order to prescribe Mifegymiso. We encourage Health Canada to clearly remove this barrier.