[Minister name]


Dear [Minister name],

My name is [Your Name]. [If applicable, about your organization]. As a supporter of Canada’s universal health care program, [I/We] [was/were] encouraged to learn that the Governments of New Brunswick, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia have announced that the Mifegymiso will be made available free of cost to all those covered by provincial and territorial health care. This is a ground breaking step towards supporting residents’ access to medical abortion as part of a comprehensive package of reproductive health services.   

As you may know, people in Canada experience many challenges in accessing abortion services. Most clinics are in urban areas within 150km from the US border and only 1/6 of hospitals provide abortion services. This means that many people must travel long distances (sometimes out of country) at their own expense to access timely care. No medically necessary procedure should be so difficult to access.

Mifegymiso has the potential to overcome many of these barriers; however, priced between $300-$450, Mifegymiso is unaffordable for most of the people who need it. New Brunswick, Alberta Ontario, and Quebec have demonstrated that access to medical abortion is both necessary and possible. My hope is that your government will work similarly to ensure that the people of [Province] have equal access to medical abortion.

[I/We] ask that you call upon your government to implement a universal cost coverage plan for Mifegymiso in [Province] and that you advocate for other provincial and territorial governments to do the same. [I/We] can be reached at [email + phone number].

Thank you in advance and [I/We] look forward to hearing back from you soon.


[Your Name]