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Right now, the price tag for Mifegymiso hovers between $300 and $450 and still, many people in Canada are expected to pay for it out of pocket. This means that for many, medical abortion is simply out of reach.

Five provinces have pledged universal coverage for Mifegymiso: New Brunswick, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. In the summer of 2017, Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick rolled out their programs to make it available to the public. Quebec and Nova Scotia plan on making Mifegymiso available free of charge in the Fall of 2017.

Two other provinces have announced partial coverage. Manitoba residents will be able to access Mifegymiso free of charge in a few limited sites while the Saskatchewan Prescription Drug Plan (the provincial formulary) started providing coverage of Mifegymiso on September 5th 2017. This falls short of what is being offered in the provinces with universal cost coverage!

We ask that Manitoba and Saskatchewan review their decisions and move towards offering universal cost coverage so that access to abortion services doesn’t depend on where you live or what is in your bank account. Nothing less will ensure real equitable access to health care. Read our cost coverage statements here →

What are the leaders of the other provinces waiting for? The door is open for all provinces and territories to promise universal coverage. Access to abortion shouldn’t depend on your postal code or your tax bracket so let’s turn this map green!

Here’s how you can help turn the map green